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The Times, August 9, 2015
Articles of particular note:
Accident rates skyrocket as the death toll rises in Camden Town. The police are now investigating seemingly unrelated deaths as a string of murders by some unknown means. Scotland Yard is baffled trying to connect the dots, now presumed to start with the death of Magdaline Darcy at the hands of a microwave explosion, and proceeding up to today’s loss of Horace McKnight, killed by an out-of-control ceiling fan. Updates are expected in the coming days, but as it is this mysterious murderer is completely unknown…

Continued reports of strange noises in the British Museum, while still ardently denied by the renowned museum’s management, have begun to negatively affect attendance, which has dropped 7% since the rumors began two weeks ago. Security guard Jeremy Peters published a letter online detailing strange noises, disappearing items and movement in the shadows. While largely being dismissed as fiction, the internet has caught aflame with the rumors and the Museum’s management is preparing a thorough investigation to quell the general distrust.

Both of these articles have troubled certain supernatural gatherings, the phenomenon believed by almost all to be caused by some supernatural agent. Needless to say, opinions are almost entirely negative. The Free Council mages have begun to investigate the former, though nothing yet has been done about the latter.


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