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Post by Liam on Mon Aug 10, 2015 3:54 pm

"I... Am... Free!" Screetched the inhuman mass of flesh and bone and living fire.
"Jolly well done." Said a slight man wearing not, as the foul entity had expected, black robes with red trim, but light biking leathers, stained red, who was wiping down a long and pointed sword. In fact, the cultist to which the Beast From Beyond had sworn faustian servitude to were scattered unmoving and unbreathing around the room. Bloody handprints indicating a vain and desperate attempt at escape, one even getting as far as to be hanging out the window before being spined.
"Lupine!" the One Who Usurps Kingdoms seethed, taking a step towards the intruder.
"No. I'm Jenkins. Did you really think it would be that easy?"
The Opener Of The Way And The Will howled with anger, and charged.
Val Jenkins tied off the alcohol cloth wrapped around his hand, and smiled. With a little negotiation, he'd convinced the demon to take the bodies back with it to hell, as some sort of spiritual bartering chip. The nooks were collected, the circles had been defaced, and the room now looked like an incredibly elabourate and sick hoax.
A text was sent, and Val left the room in search of their stash of drugs.

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