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Post by Dalian on Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:04 pm

Name: Oliver Cromwell
Concept: Dedicated loving butler, with a little quirk

Oliver Cromwell [Ghoul] Jan-ol10

Description: An inconspicuous young man, 23 perhaps 25 at best. Well dressed and friendly but unassuming he is often quickly forgotten and justly so. But behind his eyes of amber colour slumber the two things that chain him to his post. A latent hunger and a strong determination to serve his master in ANY WAY deemed necessary.

Regnant: Thomas Harker
Regnant's Clan: Ventrue
Regnant's Covenant: The Invictus
Age:24 (8 months a ghoul)

Virtue: Trustworthy
Vice: Cruel

-Master my field (very-longterm); Professional Training (Butler) *****; Socialise ****; Empathy ****
-Learn more about my Masters Lineage (middle-term);
-Learn more about the people in power (short-term); learn/see about 5 officals in the local elysium
-Plant a garden (short-term); spend 7 Days working on a garden; including buying of several Flowers and grooming a hedge

Intelligence    * *
Wits            * **
Resolve         * **

Strength        * *
Dexterity       * *
Stamina         * **

Presence        *
Manipulation    * *
Composure       * **

Academics       **
Computer        *
Crafts          *
Medicine        *        (First Aid)
Politics        *
Science         *

Athletics       *
Brawl           *
Drive           *
Stealth         *

Animal Ken      *
Empathy         ** (Emotions)
Expression      **
Persuasion      **
Socialize       ***     (Formal Events; Dressballs)
Subterfuge      *       (Spotting Lies)

Resilience      **
Auspex          ()            //via Watchdog

Etiquette              **
Professional Training (Butler)    *** //Skills: Socialize; Empathy; Drive
Fixer                 **
Contacts (Butlers)    (*)        //via Prof Training
Contacts (Eventjourn.)(*)        //via Prof Training
Language (French)     *
Resources             *
Safe Place            *
Protected             **
Beast Whispers        **
Watchdog              **
Taste of Gold         **

Game stats:
Willpower: 6
Size: 5
Health: 10
Defense: 4
Initiative: 5
Speed: 9
Integrity: 7

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Oliver Cromwell [Ghoul] Empty Re: Oliver Cromwell [Ghoul]

Post by Dalian on Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:54 pm


Always a quiet man, Cromwell was never one who would catch somebody's eye in a crowd. Even as a child he was rather indifferent, and as a teenager he was one of the many that drifted aimless through his days. All he wanted was a simple live, where he knew what to do and how to behave. Soon enough this longing led to a fascination about the rules written down in Debretts and lastly even drove him into the prestigious "International Butler Academy". Here his days were filled with several courses that brought him step by step closer to his ideals.
But that feeling might have left him again after he graduated. Most likely he would have found a job that deadend his excitement and worked there till he was nothing more than one more of the mindless sheep in this world.
Would have... If not for a fateful encounter at the end of december...

>>It wasn't that long since I returned to London, but I could already feel the leaden weight of the city press me down. The colours were dimmer, the people louder and everything just seemed painfully meaningless. Even my attempt to just flush my problems down seemed pointless. I would soon return to the purposeless live I fled from. Or so I thought.
The moment I first saw those green eyes I knew that he was different. Never before had somebody looked at me that way. It was not that he just saw me. He looked deep into me, to the marrow of my bones, to the bottom of my soul. I can't say what he saw there, but the way his lips quirked up and the promise I saw glinting in his eyes at that one moment, let my whole body shiver in anticipation. I instinctively knew that he would soon change my whole live. I feared it. And I wanted it more than anything else. It's said that a man never forgets his first real kiss. And that might be true, because the first time I felt his lips, I knew I never wanted to feel any others. All other things paled in comparision. The music, the lights, even the presence of other people were so completely erased, that I could no longer feel them. For those precious moments my whole world only consisted of him. And it has never changed since then...
The following nights passed in a blur. He was charming, witty and unlike any other man. Everywhere we went, there would be envious stares. They all wanted to be like him, to be close to him, but there was no place for anyone else beside us.
Each day I woke up unsure and frightend. I promised myself I would not return to him. And each night I broke my promise to be near him. To hear his voice, to feel his eyes on me and to experience the tingling sensation where he touched me. It felt indecent, inappropriate and irresistible...
And then on the first night of the new year, while my ears still rang from the sound of big ben, he made me his. Utterly and forever...

Looking back I now realise that my whole life just led me to this point. Every choice I made brought me closer to this place, to him. And now that I got here I know what I missed my whole life. Why everything seemed pointless and vain. I was missing the most important part of my life. From the day I was born, I was missing something; a part of my soul. But since I met him I am finally whole and with a purpose. It might not be the life I or my parents dreamed of; but it's the life I was destined for. In hindsight I can nearly see the red string of fate, that chaines me to him; that connects us; that draws us together; and that will never allow one of us  to be without the other. He might not show I clearly, but I can feel that he needs me as much as I need him. That he loves me as much as I love him. But I can also sense the line that he draws. That keeps the desire in him at bay. As always he is in perfect control of his feelings. He will never allow himself to express his love since he is so much more than I will ever be; but still I can feel what goes unsaid. I can see it in the way his eyes dart to my face when he first awakes each night. And in the way he relaxes once he recognises that he is safe by my side. In the way his lips quirk up once we are alone; and in the small hesitation bevor he lies down once more for the day. He is unused to this feeling of trust and acceptance. And so he hides it deep inside. But I know it is there. Because I can feel the warmth of him every second pulsating trough my veins. We are connected through blood, through fate, and through love. Like dancers we step together through the night. He leads and I follow. So is it now; and so will it always be...<< Cromwell, 8 months a ghoul

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