Jason Kinsley (Nickname: Moniker)

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Jason Kinsley (Nickname: Moniker) Empty Jason Kinsley (Nickname: Moniker)

Post by grimmgreyes on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:18 pm

Jason Kinsley (Nickname: Moniker) Red_ha11

Player: grimmgreyes
Chronicle: Turning Gears of London

Name: Jason Kinsley (Moniker)
Apparent Age:29
Date of Birth:June 5th, 1968
R.I.P:November 11th, 1992
Hair: Deep Red, Unkept
Eyes: Naturally Blue/Green but wears contacts to make them lime green
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 5’11
Weight:160 lbs

Description: Ever since his embrace, Jason has had a compelling demeanor. He is not classically attractive, but his mannerisms and charisma draw people to him with little effort. He walks with confident abandon, which gives away his careless attitude towards rules, authority, or life in general.

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Unaligned

Concept: Agent of Chaos

Mask: Idealist
Dirge: Monster

     -     Establish a mortal following of idealists and zealots
Map the power structure of London
Make contacts within a criminal organization

Intelligence 3
Wits 2
Resolve 3

Strength 1
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2

Presence 3
Manipulation 4
Composure 1

Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics 2
Computer 2
Crafts 3 (Explosives)
Politics 2
Science 2

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Drive 1
Firearms 2
Larceny 2

Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken
Expression 1
Persuasion 2
Socialize 1
Streetwise 2
Subterfuge 1

Safe place 2
Enticing 1
Feeding Grounds 2
Anonymity 1
Resources 1

Disciplines: Celerity 1 | Majesty 2



Safe Place: An apartment on King’s Road in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Feeding Grounds: Kings Road

Humanity: 6
Touchstones: Mother (Janice)

Willpower: 4
Blood Potency: 1

Health: 7
Defense: 2
Initiative: 3
Speed: 6
Size: 5


Equipment: Light Revolver, $500 Cash

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Jason Kinsley (Nickname: Moniker) Empty Re: Jason Kinsley (Nickname: Moniker)

Post by grimmgreyes on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:19 pm

Concept: An agent of chaos. A passionate Anarchist, hell bent on upsetting the status quo and driving social evolution through fear and terrorism.

Name: Jason Kinsley
Pseudonym: Moniker

Pre-Embrace Story: Jason was born in the United States during the late 60’s, just as the Vietnam war was finding conclusion. His parents were both passionate activists who embodied the “green meme”, fighting for civil rights, environmentalism, social reform, and the end of unnecessary war.

Jason found himself at rally’s and demonstrations constantly from the age of 2, and once he came of age he was determined to begin participating in the social evolution which was occurring all around the United States.

Jason was met with the first of many events which would alter his destiny shortly after he turned 22, when his mother was detained during a protest and his father was killed attempting to defend her from authorities. From this day forward, Jason’s passion to “fight the power” grew to dangerous levels and his resolve to do so at any cost was strengthened.

Jason was arrested 6 weeks later at a rally for gay rights when he critically injured a Protestant protester who was screaming “Fags must Burn”. Jason felt righteous in his anger, and this made him a danger to society. He was put on a watch list and upon release was prohibited from interacting in his old circles and participating in any more rallies or demonstrations.

This would have been the end to his campaign of freedom, yet he not only caught the attention of the authorities. He also piqued the interest of something far more dangerous than he; a Vampire.

: Jason found himself becoming antsy only 6 months after his release from prison. He was ready to get back in the game but knew that if he was going to risk imprisonment (and a much longer sentence) he would need to do something big.

He was able to get into contact with one of his old rally partners, and was told to get into contact with Allison Caralote, whom he believed to be a high-stakes activist who was putting together a huge move against one of the maximum security prisons in Texas in protest of the death penalty.

He made contact with Allison and was directed to meet her at her apartment in Houston as soon as the sun went down to go over some of the details for what she had planned. He arrived at the location but did not find what he expected. Instead, he found the end of his mortal road and the start of a much darker path.

Allison was a Vampire, a Daeva to be more exact who was affiliated with a group of vampires known as the Carthians. Allison had been following Jason since he was very young and thought he would make a perfect candidate for the covenant. What she did not anticipate was how the embrace would twist his mind and forge a new kind of creature, one with an insatiable hunger for chaos and destruction.

The next 40 years was a trail blaze of violence, blood, and horror that not even Allison could stomach. It had come to the point where Allison had no choice but to release her childe, and distance herself from the monster she had made or be forced to incur the consequences of his heinous activities.

Present Day: Jason was banished to the UK, took a new name (Moniker) and was only given enough resources to get him set up in his new home. From here on in, Jason would have to make his own way through the night, and something about his current predicament excited him; thrilled him.

So far he has been able to situate himself in an inconspicuous dwelling in the poor district of London. He keeps below the radar so as to not draw the attention of any of the local authorities (Living or Dead). There is a club or two he uses as his feeding grounds, and has yet to come in contact with any other Kindred (or supernatural).

Jason is currently looking to make contacts with the sub-culture of London to smoke out any organizations or zealous troupes looking to make a dent in the established autority both kindred and mortal alike.


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