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 St Dunstan in the East Empty St Dunstan in the East

Post by steven pinkerton on Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:13 am

Dante awoke in his tent, outside the birds came and went form there nest’s amidst the nooks that lined the walls of the church, down below two vagabonds enacted their own shelters, Dante made himself a tea the arumors awakening him from his dazed state going outside his eye’s instinctively turned upwards to stare at the grey cloud coated sky above, that was something that would have to be seen to no good owning a place without a roof, or at least part of one for a mage privacy was key but at the same time Dante would miss seeing the sky the same way he missed seeing the star’s but it had to be done. Spotting the two men making there lean two Dante went back inside best to brew up two more cups of tea, homeless wouldn’t refuse and would care for it.
After a sit down and a chat the two vagabonds warm up like most people in there position’s a cup of tea was always appreciated and like most people in their position a combination of bad luck and hard times had conspired to make them becoming destitute, not a unsurprising fate but fate was a cruel mistress, Leech’s the system, the seers, Vampires all of them would be dealt with one day. After a while it became obvious the two man had no wear else to go, and someone needed to keep an eye out on the place while he was out, they could stay in return for giving a helping hand from time to time a deal that worked for everyone.
With tea over and done Dante set out onto the streets of the city of London, and made his way towards Elizabeth tower smiling to himself he may have hated the place and those who laid within it but he hated them less then others he needed information and a place to conjure up a spirit and Elizabeth tower offered that. And so with that in mind Dante began to march towards the tower.

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