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Post by Liam on Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:17 pm

"What did you talk about?" Demanded Kingsley.
White had barely left the elysium before the accusations began. He craved a cigarette, but knew feeding on someone smoking would be more effort that it was worth.
"Your hideous diablerie habit." He said. He'd have to get the concierge to fix him up with a meeting with the owners of the hospital.
"You sniveling little runt, what did he ask you?"
"Something about territorial disputes along the riverbank." Then of course, there was ghouling all the interesting people... probably best to start with the chief doctor, or whatever he'd be called, and move onto the paramedics.
"You told him about the vinculum, didn't you?"
"Oh, of course. And went into some detail about how humiliating it was for you." Wait, don't ambulances depart from other places than hospitals? Eh, there should be one or two there. If not, well, that's what owning an hospital is for.
White felt the flare of his sire's beast howl in rage, and was shoved hard into the brick wall of an alleyway. Kingsley fixed him with a stare so intense that he could feel it burning the back of his eyes. "What are you thinking right now?"
"I'm wondering if wholesale opiates are cheaper than hypoallergenic anesthetics." He answered, as though nothing could be more natural.
Kingsley's stare faltered considerably, and White felt the mesmerising intensity lessen to something he could resist.
"Do they suspect me of amaranth?" He asked.
"Of course they do." White answered, and immediately felt the nails in his neck tighten painfully. "Everyone suspects everyone of everything in this society. That's why we have the advantage."
His sire's face twitched, the demon within threatening to break free and end both their unlives. Eventually, the grip relaxed, and White was pushed hard, but halfheartedly, some distance to the side.
"Where am I staying?" Asked Kingsley.
"In a hotel in Soho. The Z Hotel. I thought it was punny."
"Largely to your liking, I think. Might want to check local territories though."
"And you?"
"I've got to see some men about an ambulance." White replied, and with a careless half-wave, half-salute, wandered off in the direction he'd been pushed.

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