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Post by Malpraktis on Mon Aug 24, 2015 3:02 pm

Hi All,

My character James Wakelin is a very young Vampire character (Invictus Ventrue), looking for character ties.

Ties include:

-Sire (Need be Ventrue, but not necessarily Invictus)

-Kindred Clientele (He self-promotes as a problem-solver for fellow younger kindred, a first responder to try to contain an incident before it becomes too big. He gives you a business card titled 'Lawyer' with a phone number (burner phone) and tells you a code word with instructions to weave it into the sentence (usually a name or object, a different name for each person to identify them, never using real names.) He makes it clear that if the word was never spoken no further action will be done; just a happy listener. ^^ He offers the the service of assisting with any mortal related issues that arise, for a small fee (a favor.) He preaches that all reasonable measures for confidentiality have been taken, ('cause after all, it's fukin vampire, nothing can be guaranteed as fully confidential.) He does not offer services directly to those that he perceives as superiors or Elders, as they have a knack for trying (and often succeeding) in getting these services for free. Grr, Elders... never playing by the rules)

-Regular Clientele (He's listed under a different name as an actual, full fledged and licensed lawyer, so it could be that your paths have crossed briefly. He's quite strange for a lawyer however, always appearing after normal business hours and rarely (if ever) appearing in an actual court; (Referred associates from his law firm often show up while he helps with the investigative side.) If either are brought up, he simply laughs the question off as 'Yeah, I get that a lot. Someone has to work the night shift though, deadlines and time constraints being what they are... we all excel in different areas, there are those more apt than I at impassioned arguments that work the Magistrates' Court, the Crown Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeals. Rest assured that your case is being handled by professionals and we'll do our very best with your interests in mind.'


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Open for Background Ties Empty Re: Open for Background Ties

Post by Mormaethor on Mon Aug 24, 2015 6:13 pm

We got a thread for that already.... but go ahead, noone is reading shit here anyways.

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