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Raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Will was about the most unlikely person to be a Storm Lord. His life, though nothing in comparison to most of anyone else's in harsh environments, was particularly rough socially. He was often an outcast and considered strange in his own unique way. Friends were limited, enemies were numerous and yet his will to continue on was unnervingly powerful through all of the betrayals and ostracizing. He held a love of several things in his life, namely an enjoyment of proper fighting techniques and several minor sports that included sprints(something he was very talented at) and skiing up in the mountains during the winter.

The latter of which would be the source of his first change, as at the age of 16 he enjoyed the winter, and the snow that actually came down. As it turns out the cold atmosphere and large amounts of snow made that particular mountain home to a small pack comprised of Storm Lords who kept themselves mostly isolated, only coming down from the mountain during the winter. Will himself was up on said mountain later in the afternoon, skiing and just enjoying the chilled winds. An unseen rock though would ultimately cause him to suffer a nasty crash off the side of a cliff that broke his leg and left him isolated from the rest of the basin. With no hope of rescue and no ability to move outside of a slow crawl, Will expected the worst and did his best to make it back to society despite the crushing pain in his body.

The going was slow, painful, ridden with frostbite and on the verge of death. Night fell and the only light Will had to go by was the powerful glow of the full moon overhead. His emotions were unnaturally high and the only thing keeping him going was the adrenaline and the knowledge that if he stopped to rest he would never wake again. It was in that dim light that something found him, something unnatural. It was a monster with glowing crimson eyes, vicious teeth and blackened scales that coated its skin in loose patches. It could smell the blood from him and it hungered, closing in for what it felt was in easy kill.

It pounced on him and with distinct ease overpowered him, snarling down at him and hissing while an impossibly long forked tongue flicked out from its mouth. Will did his best to fight back but was overwhelmed in his weakened state. His heart pumped blood, his emotions raised and with a rippling snarl coming from his throat the boy's eyes turned Golden. Everything from there was nothing but a blur and blacked out memories. All he knew was that when he awoke, he was coated in dried blood, most of his clothes were missing and he was laying in front of a fire in a small cabin.

As he would learn from the keepers of said cabin, he had undergone something called a First Change, and that he was a "Uratha." The strangers, four of them total, all claimed to be the exact same and began the long explanation of what he was, what he just did and what his future would look like. He was taken in by these strangers, whom he would know collectively as the White Mist Pack, all members apparently of a Tribe known as the Storm Lords. They inducted him into the Tribe itself and soon his demeanor fit in with their own even more. But he was a volatile being still, filled with rage and a need to hunt that surprised even the more experienced members of the Pack. In addition he didn't seem pleased taking his place in the pack, he often went off on his own at the detriment of the pack and so it was decided that he needed to make his own path. Gifting him with only the rite that allowed him to claim his own territory and the Uratha name of Shadow-Diver for his determination to jump into the unknown they set him off.

Since then he's been on many adventures, solidified his respect of the Oath of the Moon in battle and through hunting down not only Witnesses to the Urathas' true forms but hunters at that, as well as his dedication to the Oath. He even had a short online fling with an English girl named Jessica. Still his lone wolf mindset rebelled against leadership and he was forced out of two whole packs before he decided to try an entirely new approach. He had someone to visit, even if they were technically over about three times over, thus he saved up enough until he could manage a flight out to England, specifically London. The process was harrowing and filled with politics but with his steely determination he powered through it all, and is now a temporary resident of England.

Shadow-Diver arrived under the new moon and spent the first three nights with Jessie, despite her being with another man. Three nights of passionate, hard sex and he left with a deep satisfaction and a powerful confusion about what their status was exactly. Still he found a surprising lack of Uratha in the area despite all things considered, and happened upon a Locus in the most bizarre of ways. One day as he awoke in his small home it was simply there on the table next to his bed, brimming with energy, a Locus of Hope that for whatever reason refused its essence to the spirits that followed it. Thus far only Shadow-Diver has been capable of drawing essence from it, and its origins remain an ominous mystery. With this in hand though the werewolf set about claiming his territory, deciding to stay permanently and setting up his neighborhood as turf. Still he wondered where others of his kind might was unsettling how alone he was here.

With his territory established in one of the less savory areas of London, Shadow-Diver now looks to clean up his territory of rogue spirits and rampant imbalances that plague it, as well as search for others of his kind to join his pack. He was a lone werewolf, but a powerful one at that. Only fate could decide where life would go from there. He has now started paying the bills by instructing self-defense classes at a small dojo a good 15 minutes from where he lives. The mysterious Hope Locus he keeps at his place of residence, keeping it there to avoid insulting whatever sentience this strange thing might possess.


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