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Player: Fizz / Lord Spaghetti

Chronicle: The Turning Gears of London

Name: Atul Chandran
Title: None (Ordo Dracul: Slave)
Age: 80-90
Apparent Age: ???
Date of Birth:1925
R.I.P: 1950
Hair: None
Eyes: Black, unusually small, appears to reflect light in darkness similarly to certain animals.
Race: Indian
Nationality: Indian
Height: About 7"
Weight: 160-ish lbs
Sex: Male


Atul Chandran WQ5T3CN

A tall, gaunt figure clad in a dirtied black suit and trench coat. His features were commonly concealed beneath a thick scarf,  spectacles and slightly torn top hat. Rarely has Atul offered peeks at his face, but those that have had the unfortunate honor of glimpsing his nightmarish countenance will likely carry the horrific image in their memory until their final days. Two gargantuan hands jutted from the sleeves like a pair of swollen claws, whose long, pale fingers curled inward that ended with dagger-like nails.

- Backstory will be here eventually (Maybe) -

Clan: Nosferatu, "Haunt"
Bloodline: Rakshasa, "Demon"
Covenant: Ordo Dracul

Concept: Dubious Informantion Broker

Mask: Scholar

Dirge: Visionary


Intelligence ••
Wits •••
Resolve ••

Strength •••••• (Nosferatu, Vigor 1)
Dexterity ••
Stamina •••

Presence ••
Manipulation ••
Composure ••


Mental (-3 unskilled)
Academics •
Computer •••• (Hacking)
Investigation •
Occult •

Physical (-1 unskilled)
Athletics ••
Brawl •••• (Dirty Tricks)
Larceny •
Stealth •••• (Moving in Darkness)

Social (-1 unskilled)
Animal Ken
Intimidation •
Streetwise •
Subterfuge  ••

Vigor 1
Obfuscate 1
-Face in the Crowd •
Protean 2
-Unmarked Grave •
-Predatory Aspect ••



Student of the Coil of the Wyrm. The Wyrm Coil is a peculiar Mystery governed by the Ordo Dracul, one that Atul has chosen to research as his first Mystery, but has yet to fully comprehend.


-Giant: •••
( +1 Health and size. Drawbacks: Buying clothing is a nightmare. Fitting in small spaces is difficult at best.)

-Retainer: •••
( Description: Ordo Dracul Scholar of Terror named Reginald Angstead. This dour Gangrel owes Atul many favors following a long standing partnership they formed shortly after his joining into the Ordo Dracul, where he became Atul's mentor within the Order to begin study of his Mystery. During their course, Reginald had frequently sent Atul on numerous sensitive tasks ranging from spying to exploiting certain competitors the Gangrel Scholar had earned during his Requiem. Reginald--who possessed a rather firm grasp of personal honor--has since agreed to fulfill certain tasks on behalf of Atul, as thanks for his continued assistance. )

-True Friend: •••
( Description: Ramsey Greenwell is a kind and passionate business man who made his start in the slums of India, where he and Atul had first met. Atul happened upon Ramsey by accident, stumbling upon an otherwise empty alley to find the man being horribly beaten by a trio of angered men. Atul acted on instinct and saved Ramsey from a painful fate, tossing the theives from the alley in a fit of rage. Ramsey--being a man of strong faith--revered the disgusting Nosferatu's timely appearance as a blessing from God. Instead of shunning Atul and running in fear of his horrid appearance, Ramsey announced his eternal debt and invited him along to a place to rest their injuries, unable to contain his joy and appreciaton of Atul's actions. Astounded, Atul accepted his offer, and ever since the two have maintained an extremely close friendship. This friendship was solidified in the coming years, where Atul would continue keeping an eye on Ramsey until the evening came where he'd finally explain the truth of his Vampiric condition. Despite the harrowing knowledge, Ramsey was firm in his stance, unwilling to see Atul as anything less than his greatest companion; something Atul hadn't experienced since his days among the living, and would never forget. )

-Staff: •
( Type: Informant , Skill: Streetwise
Description: A loyal ghoul and local barfly named Max with a good grasp of London's comings and goings, be it rumors or the occasional whisper from the underground. Atul makes use of him mostly to assist in gathering intel around the unfamiliar city. Atul pays him in blood, which is more than enough for the eager Ghoul.)


Place of Nostalgia - The Port of London. It was one of the first foreign cities outside his home within India that Atul had visited during his living years. There was just something about that old rust stench, and the ambience of crashing water against the soggy docks overlooking the ranks of various vessels that always reminded Atul of the days when his face didn't resemble an incredibly life-like Halloween mask.

Banes: 2

The Lonely Curse - Failure of any presence or manipulation attempts, as well as difficulties in social interactions

Demon's Temper (Rakshasa Bloodline Bane) - For all hunger and anger frenzy rolls, 10 Again does not apply, and 1s remove successes.


Humanity: 7

Willpower: 5

Blood Potency: 1

Health: 9
Defense: 4
Initiative: 5
Speed: 15
Size: 6

Experience: 1 (7 starting Exp spent on Protean 2 and Stamina 3 )
Beats: 0

Old, stained and custom-fitted black suit. Black Trench Coat. Partially-torn top hat. Spectacles and scarf. Dress shoes. Cheap, Basic Cellphone. Length of  Metallic Wire. Bobby Pens (x10). Pack of Cigarettes. Pocket Watch. Notebook and pen. Wallet (contains 50£). Simple Prayer Bead Necklace. Disposable camera. Antique Zippo Lighter.


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